Israel: Hundreds protest Netanyahu’s deportation reversal

Hundreds of asylum seekers and Israelis protested in Jerusalem on Wednesday over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to cancel an agreement with the United Nations to stop forced migrant deportation. The protesters took to the streets near the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem carrying banners against deportation and in favour of refugees' settlement across the country. «I'm... Еще not really surprised, because the man is not going through a normal process of reaching a decision. He just shoots, he speaks from his belly. He is very much like Trump in that sense. They share the same racism,» said one protester. «I think that Netanyahu's decision is a wrong decision. It doesn't deal with the basic question of finding out these people are refugees or not. And it seems to be a very political step just to keep his voters, the extreme right voters on his side,» commented another. Netanyahu backed down from the deal with the UN on Tuesday following increased criticism from the right wing groups. According to the deal with the UN refugee agency, 16,250 migrants would have instead been resettled in Western nations, and in return, Israel would grant temporary residency to an equal number of migrants.

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