Israel: Eritreans protest against Eritrean govt. and its supporters in Israel

Members of Israel's Eritrean community held a protest outside Eritrea's embassy in Tel Aviv, Monday, decrying the Eritrean government under Isaias Afwerki, as well as his supporters who reside in Israel. Bulutz, a speaker at the rally in the Israeli capital, spoke out against the Afwerki government and his supporters, saying «[we] have seen inside Tel Aviv in the last three weeks, the support of... Еще the dictator [Isaias Afwerki] and member of the systematic spy agent of the regime tried to terrorise us.» He also condemned the Israeli government for only caring «about the so-called national interest, which is the relationship with the dictator in Asmara. It is undoubtedly every country's right for national interest, but it is true also the constant interest in security by true relationships with the people, and not the dictator,» Bulutz added. Joni, who also attended the rally, spoke out against the Afwerki government supporters, who he said number «more than 4,000 people in Israel that are here for several years. If they support the regime, why are they here? Why are they acting violently?»

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