Israel: Dozens of 'Black flag' activists protest against coalition deal

Dozens of activists from the Black Flag movement protested outside the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem on Thursday. They are angry at the coalition deal between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main rival Benny Gantz. Protesters waved Israeli flags and held signs while following the social distancing requirements. «Under the auspices of corona, Netanyahu is actually establishing his... Еще dictatorship monarchy, so it's an absolute hoax in a way to get Israelis used to being segregated,» said Hanita, a protester. Miram, another protester, spoke against Netanyahu's plan: «I can't say if in any other normal state this can happen, that a man that is accused with crimes can put himself for elections to be a Prime Minister, to form a government and to act as everything is normal, with no one to speak against it.» Eli, yet another protester, said that Gantz and Netanyahu «decided to change fundamental laws». «The next step might be that they will cancel the Parliament and the courts and they will decide the Netanyahu is a president like Erdogan or Putin, and this day is not far,» he concluded. Netanyahu who has been indicted on corruption charges made an agreement with Benny Gantz following a third general election in a year. Anti-Netanyahu Black Flag grassroots movement had called on Gantz not to join the unity cabinet.


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