Israel: 'Crime minister!' –Tel Aviv stages protest against ‘corrupt, racist’ Netanyahu

People flooded the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday outraged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies, accusing him of corruption and racism while denouncing him as the 'crime minister'. People united in a «March of Shame» through the streets with banners while chanting slogans such as «Corporate power, organised crime», «Bibi go home!» and «Shame- Mafia!» «The corruption is only... Еще the symptom, it's not the disease, the disease is the occupation, the disease is the way the government treats refugees, the way it treats lower class people in Israel,» shared protester Sigal Aviv. «I came to protest this unbelievable racist and corrupt government. We are going to keep coming to protest until Netanyahu goes down,» claimed another demonstrator, Yigal Shtayim.

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