Israel: Bulletproof backpacks sold to US parents worried about shootings

An Israeli arms company has developed a backpack that turns into a bullet-proof vest in under two seconds and is selling them to parents afraid of attacks at US schools. Footage filmed in the Israeli village of Julis, on Thursday, gives a glimpse of the new product. At first glance, the design looks like a standard backpack for children. But, it has one big difference: it provides 'armoured... Еще protection' from live ammunition. «As soon as we started the marketing at the US we got a demand from our distributor in the US to shift it towards students and children,» the founder of 'Masada Armor' Yair Rosenberg explained. According to Rosenberg, «there was a great demand and a great concern from the side of the parents over how they can send their children to schools and be confident that they are safe and that they have enough security that they need.» The company has sold hundreds of armoured backpacks in only two months, with greatest interest coming from US citizens following a recent increase in the number of mass shootings in US schools and public spaces. The backpack is available for purchase online with the company seeking to increase production to 500 products per month.

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