Israel: British phone hacking lawyer emigrates citing anti-Semitism

SOT, Mark Lewis, media lawyer: «And, and if you are talking about the Jewish leaders in Europe, then they need to start leading because at the moment, unfortunately, the problem is that there is too much maharytus. The people are interested in themselves and being seen to be with a politician or anything. They need to lead by example they need to get out.» A top British lawyer and businesswoman... Еще emigrated to Israel due to anti-Semitism, landing at Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday. Jewish couple, Mark Lewis and Mandy Blumenthal, said they no longer felt safe in the UK and laid part of the blame at the door of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Allegations of anti-Semitism within the party have dogged Corbyn since he was elected leader in 2015. Lewis, who came to public attention for representing phone-hacking victims of British tabloid News of the World, claimed to have been subjected to hate speech and threats for being Jewish. «What they say about Jews in England is something that they wouldn't say about any other ethnic minority,» he said upon his arrival. «It's not acceptable. It's time to leave.» The prominent lawyer then drew parallels between the current situation and Europe in the 1930s. Greeted by her family at the airport, Blumenthal had a message for political leaders in Europe. «We will not go silently. We are not lambs to the slaughter. We are strong. We've got an amazing country here in Israel and you know something, their rhetoric will not be the final word for us.»

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