Israel: «Bibi go home» — Anti-govt. protests in full swing for 6th week in Tel Aviv

Around 3000 of Israeli protesters marched for the sixth consecutive week in Tel Aviv on Saturday, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resigns over corruption allegations. Protesters shouted slogans «Bibi go home!» and «Corporate power, organised crime» while carrying placards denouncing the government. Protesters faced off with a small group of right-wing demonstrators who took... Еще part in a counter demo nearby. They yelled «Shame» and exchanged jibes with pro-government supporters although remaining peaceful under careful watch of police. One protester stated, «Netanyahu declares his support against other corrupted regimes like in Iran. But here he tried to manipulate and put down all the criticism against him while he is really holding a corrupted government taking the money, resources and even security of Israeli citizens as hostage to his private businesses.» In the past year, Netanyahu has been questioned in two corruption probes, which he claims to be false accusations from his opponents. Results of the investigation are expected within the next few weeks. If charged, the Prime Minister would be under pressure to resign or to call new elections.

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