Israel: At least 15 arrested in Tel Aviv clashes after music festival cancellation

Police violently cracked down on protesters and arrested at least 15 after hundreds blocked a downtown street in Tel Aviv late Friday following the cancellation of a trance music festival. Protesters had gathered on Rabin Square after police cancelled Doof music festival citing intelligence, that drugs were planned to be sold at the venue in Golan Heights. «[They cancelled the event] less than... Еще 24 hours before the event was about to begin, after they [the organisers] worked on it for 6 months, investing hundreds of thousands of Israeli shekels, they paid the police for security and had all the licenses,» said a trance music producer. In a bid to reverse the police's decision, organizers had appealed to both the Nazareth Magistrate's Court and Israeli Supreme Court but were rejected. Held since 2004, the three-day music festival is reportedly the largest trance music festival in Israel.

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