Israel: Anti-govt protesters rally outside Knesset ahead of vote to restrict protests amid lockdown

Anti-government protesters rallied outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on Thursday as the Israeli parliament was set to vote on restricting protests as part of a tightening of the current coronavirus restrictions. One protester accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of «playing on the fear of the citizens of Israel, because of the rising percentage of sick people.» «We strongly feel that he is doing this in order to eliminate the demonstrations. We are the last barrier between him and doing whatever he wants with the state of Israel,» she added. Demonstrators could be seen wearing Netanyahu masks while wearing prison uniforms, while others carried a model submarine, in reference to alleged corruption involving the prime minister and the purchasing of submarines for the Israeli navy. A few protesters were seen throwing cow dung at a patch of grass near the entrance of the parliament. Israel is already in a state of lockdown since last week but the proposal in front of parliament, which was already approved by the cabinet, would grant the government emergency powers to further tighten the restrictions and limit protesters to gathering in groups of under 20 and within one kilometre (0.6 miles) of their homes.

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