Iron Maiden! — Doctors find over 150 metal objects in babushka's stomach

A total of 152 foreign metal objects were taken out of a 74-year-old woman’s stomach in Ulan-Ude on Monday. It is not yet clear how the sharp objects came to be in the patient’s intestines. Despite the high number, the oesophageal walls reportedly did not receive significant damage. «With a high risk of stomach perforation the patient was sent to the surgery where 152 foreign objects were... Еще extracted. Among them were nails, screws, bolts and screwdriver bits,» said Bulat Shobolov, Surgeon at Ulan-Ude Republic Hospital, adding that «there was even a silver chain there. 152 objects with a total weight of more than a kilogram.» After the successful surgical removal of the objects, the elder lady now continues her recovery. However, the doctors suspect she suffers neurological problems which led to the ingestion.

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