Ireland: Sinn Fein's Dessie Ellis joins on IRA singing after winning seat in Irish election

Dessie Ellis Sinn Fein politician and MP (Teachta Dala) for Dublin North-West was filmed singing the pro-IRA song 'Come out ye black and tans' after early results had him retaining his seat in the Irish election on Sunday in Dublin. Mr Ellis can be seen joining a group of supporters celebrating the results of the election as they sing the anti-British rebel song in unison. The Irish MP (TD) has... Еще reportedly dismissed the criticism as he said that «Everyone is excited and they think we are doing very well, so I wouldn't put too much on it.» Dessie Ellis is a former IRA member and had previously been convicted for possession of explosives in 1983, and had been in trial over IRA involvement in the UK back in 1991 where he was eventually acquitted of the charges. Early exit polls suggested Fine Gael secured 22.4 per cent of first preference votes, closely followed by Sinn Fein (22.3 per cent) and Fianna Fail (22.2 per cent). Sinn Fein held 22 seats (13.75 per cent) after the last elections in 2016.

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