Ireland: 'Irish politics are volatile' — Dubliners react to Sinn Fein’s election surge

Sinn Fein will seek to form a coalition government in Ireland after apparently winning a simple majority in Saturday's general election, based on 96 percent of first-preference ballots counted. The result is expected to pose a challenge to Ireland's traditionally two-party system. Party leader, Mary Lou McDonald, announced to a cheering crowd on Sunday that a “revolution in the ballot box” is... Еще occurring as she confirmed that she will attempt to form a ruling coalition with other parties. Dublin residents appeared both surprised and intrigued by the news on Monday morning. John Fitzgerald, a local resident, said «it's a surprise in terms that I didn't expect it three weeks ago.» «Irish politics are volatile,» he added. Another local, Stephen Grey, echoed the words of McDonald by claiming «it's the end of the two party system as we know it.» Sinn Fein, still associated by many with the Irish Republican Army (IRA), claimed almost a quarter of first preference votes. The result means Sinn Fein have shocked the establishment parties; Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, two centrist parties that have dominated Irish politics for much of recent memory. McDonald has said Sinn Fein rules out forming a coalition with either of the two parties.

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