Ireland: 'How much more humiliated can the Irish nation be?' asks Farage

Former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage spoke at an 'Irexit' eurosceptic conference at the Royal Dublin Society Event Centre in Dublin on Saturday. Farage spoke to a raucous crowd in the Irish capital, pontificating on the success of the Brexit campaign and called on Irish nationals to «make these arugments, to organise, and mobilise this country» to attempt to follow suit... Еще. Farage brought up more specific issues pertaining to Ireland as well: «What on earth is going on with the politics of this [Ireland] country? How much more humiliated can the Irish nation be? For years being run by the troika. The indignity, a few years back of your budget, being seen by the German government before it was put to the Dail [lower house of Irish legislature]» he said, referencing the 2011 event in which draft proposals for the Irish December budget were presented to German lawmakers before their Irish counterparts.

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