Ireland: Dubliners head to the polls to vote in abortion referendum

Voters arrived at polling stations in Dublin, on Friday, to cast their ballots in the country's national referendum to repeal the eigth ammendment of the Irish constitution, which would permit Irish lawmakers to legislate on abortion. The controversial nature of the issue was clear in the comments that voters gave on the issue. One 'yes' voter said that she felt this referendum was «well... Еще overdue» and another pro-choice voter said, «It's about time in this country that women had the right to choose what they do with their own bodies, and nobody should be able to stop what they want to do themselves.» Meanwhile, a fervent anti-abortion voter argued, «They want to get women to attack their own children and destroy them in the womb. Can you think of anything more evil than that? I certainly can't.» Currently, the eigth ammendment of the Irish constitution, added in 1983, enshrines the life of the unborn child and prevents lawmakers from changing legislation on matters of abortion.

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