Ireland: Court rules driver can be extradited to UK over 39 Essex lorry deaths

A lorry driver from Northern Ireland can be extradited to the United Kingdom in connection with the deaths of 39 people in a refrigerated container in Essex last year, a court in Dublin ruled on Friday. Eamonn Harrison, 23, faces two charges of conspiracy and 39 charges of manslaughter, as presented by the British authorities. A total of 31 men and eight women, all of whom were Vietnamese... Еще nationals believed to have been undocumented migrant workers, were found dead inside the container in October 2019. Harrison allegedly drove the vehicle to a Belgium port before it was transported onwards to the UK. The defendent was arrested at the port of Dublin. Harrison's lawyers may appeal the ruling depending on the details once they are published. The judge in the case has not yet ordered the defendent's extradition. Harrison himself will once again appear at a court in Dublin at the start of next month.

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