Iraqi inventor showcases 'water-fuelled' car in Baghdad

Jafar Javad Jassim, an assistant teacher at a middle school for vocational training, showed off his 'water-fuelled' car in Baghdad on Sunday. Jassim had been developing the model for quite some time. «The idea first came to be before 1995 […] So I developed this idea; changing the reality. An alternative to this energy [from fossil fuels] that is going to run out. I found that the best... Еще alternative would be hydrogen.» He has only recently managed to turn his idea into reality. “I was able to develop this prototype that extracts abundant amounts of hydrogen and uses it as an alternative source of energy instead of gas. This energy can power cars, engines, large diesel engines. I used the first prototype in my Mercedes.» Jassim spoke glowingly of his invention, saying that «the car has been running on water for three months, I travel long distances with it. Little water consumption, strong hydrogen generation. Of course, this is an initial prototype. It could be further developed and improved, depending on the engine requirements.»

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