Iraq: «We have nothing» — Displaced Tal Afar civilians decry lack of water and humanitarian aid at IDP camp

Journalist (Arabic): (the houses) they were destroyed from the shelling by the international coalition? SOT, internally displaced person (Arabic): «Yes.» Journalist (Arabic): «When do you return to your homes?» SOT, internally displaced person (Arabic): «We don’t know. But we want to return to our homes. Water is scarce. And the army offered us aid and supplies. Everything was offered and... Еще presented to us by the army. We thank them.» Journalist (Arabic): «Does aid reach you here?» Azeez Omar Mohamed, from Tal Afar (Arabic): «There is, but very little.» Journalist (Arabic): And the water? Azeez Omar Mohamed, from Tal Afar (Arabic): «There is no fresh water anymore.» Journalist (Arabic): «So humanitarian groups, nobody comes to you?» Azeez Omar Mohamed, from Tal Afar (Arabic): «They come, but very few. This is my son, disabled, we don't have electricity.» Journalist (Arabic): Who made you leave Tal Afar? Azeez Omar Mohamed, from Tal Afar (Arabic): «We were displaced because of Daesh.» Internally Displaced Persons from Tal Afar spoke of the harsh conditions they are living under at the 'Western Axis Camp' located west of Tal Afar near the village of OmAl Jarabea , Wednesday. The camp, which extends for a radius of 9 kilometres (5 miles), accommodates more than 1,500 families who fled from Tal Afar, the last of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) strongholds. A displaced Tal Afar civilian stressed, «We are hungry. We need bread, aid. We need clothes, water. Yesterday we got contaminated water, even animals won't drink it.» Azeez Omar Mohamed, a father of a disabled child, added that they don't have any electricity or fresh water and that humanitarian aid is scarce, urging the Iraqi government to liberate Tal Afar so they could return home. Although Iraqi forces managed to push into the outskirts Tal Afar in the attempt of seizing the north-western Iraqi city over the course of the last week, the UN reported that more than 30,000 people have fled Tal Afar by Saturday. According to further reports some 100,000 residents were believed to still live in the city when the military operation began.

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