Iraq: We ‘didn't deserve this’ — Kurds protest Baghdad flight ban after independence referendum

Kurds protested outside Erbil International Airport against Baghdad’s ban on international flights to and from the airport and Sulaymaniyah International Airport in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Friday. The ban follows this week’s referendum which saw 92 percent of Iraqi Kurds voting “Yes” to independence. There is also concern that the flight cancellations could affect the delivery of aid to the... Еще region, which is host to 1.6 million refugees and displaced people. «The decision is very bad. I ask the international committee to support us and not stand against us. I also ask Kurdish people who live in Europe to protest against Baghdad's decision,» said one protester. «We didn't deserve this because we asked for our rights peacefully, and we have not received our rights that are also written in the Iraqi constitution,» said another. According to a statement issued by Erbil International Airport, international flights will stop at 6 pm local time on Friday and the ban will continue until December 29.

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