Iraq: Village hit in Turkish shelling as operations against PKK continue in Duhok

As Turkey continues its air and ground operation targeting suspected Kurdistan Workers Party's (PKK) positions in the Kurdistan region, one of the missiles hit a residential area in the Duhok Governorate in northern Iraq, causing material damage and mass panic among the civilian population. No casualties have been reported so far. Footage filmed on Sunday in the village of Percy shows the aftermath of heavy Turkish shelling with shattered glass, damaged vehicles and trees as well as burned earth. «This missile landed one and a half kilometres from the Percy complex, we all felt a great danger, as well as the people of the village next to the complex,» said Serpest Muhammad, a resident. Another resident recalled the night of the shelling when her house was hit. «Yesterday in the night at 10:55 pm we heard a very loud sound of a rocket landing on the nearby village and we had a rocket fragment landed on the roof and our car,» Faiza Ishaq said. According to the Turkish Defence Ministry, the military operations that started overnight on Monday have already hit more than 150 Kurdish militant targets as part of an airborne and land offensive targeting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which the EU, Turkey and the US consider a terrorist organisation. Iraq called the Turkish airstrikes a violation of its sovereignty claiming it broke international law.

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