Iraq: Uncovered IS documents give rare glimpse into group’s ‘legal system’ *PARTNER CONTENT*

All types of social networks, images and phrases that were patriotic in character, as well as sculptures, were declared by IS to be expressions of sin subject to eradication. For example, the law which obliges the bride on her wedding day to wear a black abaya. And here’s another one, which bans the use of certain phrases widely used by speakers of the Iraqi Arabic dialect. IS members from the... Еще department of retribution affairs broke this man’s fingers because he couldn’t stop smoking. We first met him over one year ago during the operation to liberate Mosul.” Documents recently uncovered in the Iraqi city of Fallujah give a glimpse into the “laws” by which Islamic State controlled the population in its territory, as shown in footage shot in Bagdad and released on Wednesday. “They invented their own laws to issue punishments. Usually, punishments for ‘crimes’ took the form as lashings, cutting off hands and other punishments up to the death sentence,” Head of the Iraqi military documentation intel department Asad Dzhaber said. The “legal system” reportedly covers everything from punishments for smuggling people out of the group’s territory to marriage certificates and banned phrases. One inhabitant of Mosul even had his fingers broken for being unable to quit smoking. “They asked for my hand. They first broke my fingers and said that if they saw me again they would flay me. I hid at home for two months. God knows how awful it was. I just cried from the pain,” Mukhammad said.

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