Iraq: «They did anything they wanted to us» — Yazidis on IS captivity

While Iraqi forces declared the successful and full recapture of Mosul from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) in July, thousands of people captured and enslaved by the militants are still missing and remain in captivity in Iraq and Syria. Two interviews with those who managed to escape and get help in Dohuk District in northern Iraq, aired Thursday, give chilling accounts... Еще of Yazidi slave life in IS captivity. Samiyah, a young Yazidi girl, recounted the horrors of the slavery: “After they kidnapped us, they beat us up severely, they did anything they wanted to us.” She went on saying: “IS fighters would sell us, or give us away, or give us as presents to each other. In the evenings, they would gather us all together and have their fun with us.” She managed to run away from the family she was working for: “When no one was there, I broke a window — and fled through it.” She ran for days until one of the families took her in and helped her. Children were not spared from captivity either. Inas, another Yazidi girl, was kidnapped and enslaved by IS fighters when she was just 5 years old. Now she is 9, but cannot talk because of the horrific experiences she had during those years. Her mother managed to buy her daughter back: “Though our friends and acquaintances we found a man who told us that our girl is in Turkey. We contacted him, and as he was selling [the girl], we said we wanted to buy her back. We said we are ready to buy her. He said he would deliver her to Baghdad. We paid 13,500 dollars.” Now, reunited with their families and friends by pure luck and incredible acts of bravery, these young women give hope to the thousands still missing and their loved ones. Russian clients, please, note the restrictions: Mandatory RT logo. For VOD, please, contact Client Desk —

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