Iraq: Syrian refugees given shelter at Bardarash camp

Syrian refugees fleeing Turkey's military operation in north-eastern Syria reached the Bardarash camp in Iraqi Kurdistan on Monday. Footage shows them arriving on the site with buses. «Due to recent violence in the northeast of Syria we have witnessed over 15,500 Syrian refugees cross the border into Iraq seeking safety and shelter,» said Firas Al Khateeb, the spokesperson for the UN High... Еще Commission for Refugees in Iraq. He explained that refugees are registered and provided with 'all the core relief items.' Hadeel, a woman who fled from Syria with her family, deplored the conditions at the camp. “It’s a stinky situation, it’s too cold and the kids are dirty. We just can’t operate the heater due to frequent fires in the camp’s tents. The kids are too young and I can’t open up the heater so I cover them up with the blankets, and still in vain, so I hug them on my own lap,” she said. Turkey launched an offensive, dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring', on October 9 with the aim of creating a 'safe zone' in north-eastern Syria cleared of Kurdish forces. It was suspended after an agreement between Russian and Turkish presidents in Sochi two weeks later.
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