Iraq: Shia worshippers defy curfew with commemorative march

Hundreds of pilgrims marched through the Kadhimiya neighbourhood in Northern Baghdad on Friday to commemorate the anniversary of of the death of the seventh Shia Imam Musa al-Kadhim's. The event took place despite a curfew put in place by the Iraqi government to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. «Although that we have challenges and the so-called virus that spread all over the world our love and... Еще loyalty to Imam Musa Bin Jaafer are an endless bond which isn't bothered by any disease or other thing,» said commemorative march participant Sheikh Salah Aldilfi. Footage shows crowds of people walking with only few wearing masks or gloves. Street vendors were offering food and drink without apparent hygiene measures. The Iraqi government imposed a curfew in 18 provinces on Tuesday. Iraq has reported 192 coronavirus cases and 13 deaths.

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