Iraq: Protests over failing basic services renew in Basra

Demonstrators rallied outside of Basra’s provincial council building on Tuesday, to again urge the state to intervene in the failing basic services and to put an end to the water shortages in the region. Protesters danced, chanted, and carried Iraqi flags and placards. One woman called for others to join the group in sending out a clear a message for help: «You do not have the services, the... Еще drinking water or the municipal services, and the water has been salty for two months. Now we buy water. Drinking at high prices in addition to us buying everything in order to preserve our lives. I appeal to the people of Basra to attend the protests until the demands are implemented.» Another slammed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government for failing to present viable solutions for the water shortage problem after a dam construction proposal was rejected by the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Hassan Al-Janabi. «[Basra] was supposed to be the basket of food for Iraq, but the water shortage has eliminated the process of agriculture. Now Basra citizens go to Iran in order to import vegetables and fruits, but Basra is supposed to be full of agriculture for its fertile land», he said. Protests have been ongoing in the southern province amid economic hardships, high unemployment rates and poor municipal services.

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