Iraq: Protesters comment on PM-designate Allawi stepping down

Protesters at the al-Tahrir square in Baghdad expressed their opinions on Monday, towards the withdrawal of candidacy by Prime Minister-designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi. «Allawi wasn't people's or protesters' candidate. Allawi was the parties' candidate,» said a protester while explaining why the protesters refused to accept the candidacy of Prime Minister-designated. The resignation «indicates... Еще that pressures were exercised by what so called 'Sunni component' and 'Kurdish component',» said a protester, who added that the protesters «refuse this» because «we have a clear national vision which will safeguard Iraq from this political crisis.» «People's opinion will reign, and candidate should be chosen from within people not by parties' agreement,» said another protester. Allawi had been trying since the beginning of February to form a new government after the resignation of his predecessor, Adel Abdul Mahdi, in November, amid popular protests against his government.

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