Iraq: Protesters angry as deadline for new PM imminent

Protesters in Baghdad's Tahrir square spoke of frustration with the politics of their nation on Wednesday, a day ahead of the deadline for Parliament to reach a consensus and select a new Prime Minister. Salman Aljawari, an Iraqi citizen said that the Parliament was «not united.» Ala Satar, a protester, said «day after day we urge the Iraqi people to end ties with this corrupt political class... Еще,» though he did not seem confident that a successor would be appointed, saying «it is obvious that it will fail in choosing a new prime minister due to its commitment to quotas and dividing of the political gain, it doesn't want to redeem the blood of the martyrs.'' Unrest began in Iraq in October, amid anger over corruption and economic inequality. Over 400 protesters have been killed and thousands more injured in the violence. Former Prime Minister Abdel Mahdi resigned from the post on December 1.

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