Iraq: «People walk for up to 20 hours before they reach safety» — spokesperson on IDP camps

Spokesperson for the Norwegian Refugee Council Melany Markham stated that some of the Tel Afar resident «walked for up to 20 hours before they reach safety.» She was speaking to a journalist in Erbil, Tuesday. Markham underlined that it was very difficult to estimate the number of people, still in Tal Afar. While the Iraqi authorities say that there is no one left inside the city, the United... Еще Nations has estimated that 20,000 still reside inside. Saying that the Norwegian Refugee Council in Iraq worked closely with the Iraqi government, in order to provide accommodation to the internally displaced people, Markham acknowledged that finding spaced for all of them was a challenge. «There is currently space for around 40,000 people in different camps dotted around northern Iraq. So we work with the Iraqi authorities to find out where those spaces are and to give people the information about how to move on to these places,» she said. However, then Markham went on to explain, «Some people know that they have family members or other community members in different camps. Those camps may be full and may not be any space for them there. So it is very difficult under these circumstances to accommodate their movement.»
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