Iraq: «Our situation is so dire» — desperate internally displaced people speak from Umm al-Jarabeeh camp

Cameraman, (Arabic): «The name of this camp is Umm al-Jarabeeh camp?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «Yes, Umm al-Jarabeeh.» Cameraman, (Arabic): «Which includes refugees from Tal Afar and Al Baaj?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «Yes both of them. Now you have seen and filmed people drinking from the water pumper. There are tanks which come here but they distribute only 4 tanks of 20 litres for 11 people... Еще, what can we do with this amount of water? Shall we drink it or use it for washing? or shall we use it for cooking?. It is not enough for the family». Cameraman, (Arabic): «Is it clean water you are getting?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «No I swear by god, it is contaminated with wastewater». Cameraman, (Arabic): «What about the ministry of migration and displaced people? do they not come to see you?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «No». Cameraman, (Arabic): «What about humanitarian organisations?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «They pay us very brief visits, and they give us some aids packages and then leave afterwards. Some people get some others do not. You see people pushing each other like in a battle to get some aid». Cameraman, (Arabic): «What are your demands?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «I demand food supplies and water, we need water so these kids can live. Food supplies as well. We can barely live because of the lack of food supplies». Cameraman, (Arabic): «How do you endure the hot temperature?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «In this tent as you can see». Cameraman, (Arabic): «Is there electricity?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «There is no electricity, the floor is soil and the roof is nylon, As if we are pickles in a bag». Cameraman, (Arabic): «What is your name?» Camp resident, (Arabic): «Ahmed Ali». Internally displaced persons from Tal Afar and Al Baaj spoke about their dire conditions from their camp, Umm al-Jarabeeh, on Wednesday. Camp residents complained about receiving inadequate and contaminated water supplies, distributing «only 4 tanks of 20 litres for 11 people» according to camp resident, Ali Ahmed. «There is no electricity, the floor is soil and the roof is nylon, it's as if we are pickles in a bag» added Ahmed. When asked whether the Ministry of Migration and Displaced Persons had visited, Ahmed answered a resounding «no» and that humanitarian organisations had paid only «Very brief visits». The UN has reported that more than 30,000 people have fled Tal Afar by last Saturday. According to further reports some 100,000 residents were believed to still live in the city when military operations began. Iraqi forces are in the midst of a battle to recapture Tal Afar, which borders the Kurdish north, from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS).

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