Iraq: «No for Now» member explains opposition to Kurdish independence referendum «yes» vote

Aavan Sadeq, member of the 'No for Now' campaign explained on Saturday why it is not a good moment to vote 'yes' in the Kurdish independence referendum. She said she and members of No for Now «believe this referendum is not for the sake of getting independence. It is for the sake of keeping and maintaining the already expired presidency of the Kurdistan region. It is obviously about playing... Еще with the feelings of the people. It is taking advantage of the biggest card we have.» There are continuous reported rumours that the referendum might be posponed even at the last minute. However, Sadeq explained that Barzani had already stated that «even if the referendum takes place, they are not going to declare independence now.» According to Sadeq this assures the continuity of Barzani in power because people «will have to wait until Barzani or his party will get them their independence.» The No for Now group was formed on August 8 and is made up of authors and political activists. The referendum on Kurdish independence is set to take place on September 25, despite opposition from Baghdad and neighbouring Turkey and Iran.

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