Iraq: New mass graves discovered near Najaf

The Martyrs Foundation discovered new mass graves near Najaf on Saturday, claiming that it contains victims of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's crackdown against an 1991 uprising. Speaking at a press conference, Martyrs Foundation Chairperson Ali al-Mabraqa said that some 1,400 bodies were discovered, and 1,300 bodies «were removed by the residents after the former regime fell.» Mabraqa... Еще said that they believed «these crimes» were carried out by the Saddam government that «took away hundreds of our youth.» The Martyrs Foundation chairperson also noted that the remains belonged to people who «were in the prime of their youth» of 25 to 30 years of age, who he said «were executed in a horrific way.» The excavation operation was reportedly carried out in cooperation with the International Commission on Missing Persons.

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