Iraq: McMosul? Fake Maccy D’s serves food and hope in war-torn city after IS defeat

Life is slowly returning to normal in the Iraqi city of Mosul following years of self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) rule and the destruction caused by the eponymous battle for its control. While the western half of the city still lies in ruins, the eastern sector has fared better and returning locals are indulging in the world's favourite fast food — McDonalds. Or so it... Еще would seem. On closer inspection the menu isn't filled with the Big Macs and chicken nugs you'd find on your average American high street, but eastern delicacies instead. The Golden Arches and Ronald are instead dishing out McDoner kebabs, shawarma and hummus. Would you like falafel with that, sir? Beside deep fried dishes, the restaurant has served up hope for some returnees providing much needed employment. «I've been working here since the end of the oppression [by IS]. It is great,» a waiter says, adding «I am working again and life is normal». On July 2017, Iraqi forces declared the successful and full recapture of Mosul from IS, following an offensive fronted by the government forces and backed by US-led coalition forces, which began in October 2016. The eastern part of the city was spared the worst of the fighting and saw less destruction than the western half. Six months on, West Mosul and the old city are still devastated. Unexploded ordinances and corpses still litter the streets along with the rubble.

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