Iraq: Kurds call on international community to stop Iraqi incursion in Kurdish areas

Hundreds gathered for the second day in front of the US Consulate in Erbil, Saturday, to protest the international community's silence over the Iraqi troops inserting Kurdish areas in Iraq. Kurds protested for their right to independence and against the Iraqi incursion in their areas. Kurdish protesters are claiming that the Iraq and Iranian-backed Shia militias are using US provided equipment... Еще to attack Kurdish people. Protesters shouted pro-independence slogans and asked the international community for help to avoid war «we want from the world community to interfere in this situation.» said a woman protester while a young boy urged Russia and the US to «help our country.» Tensions between Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan have been brewing since Iraqi Kurds overwhelmingly voted for secession in a September 25 referendum that Baghdad rejected as illegal. Kurdish Peshmerga forces took control of oil-rich Kirkuk after the Iraqi army fled a major offensive by the Islamic State in 2014. On Friday, Iraqi forces gained full control over oil-rich Kirkuk following fierce clashes with Peshmerga forces. The escalation came in the wake of the Kurdish independence referendum, which Baghdad deemed unconstitutional.

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