Iraq: Kurdish man tames wild mountain goats near Iranian border

An Iraqi Kurdish man has been taming a herd of wild goats as a hobby in recent years, as shown in footage from the Iraqi Kurdish village of Chya-Raza, near the Iranian border, on Thursday. Kochar reportedly started raising wild mountain goats — native to the region and known to be rarely approachable by man — when he found and adopted two unsupervised young goats. Kochar was seen herding his... Еще flock goats as they grazed, as well feeding them as they gathered in an enclosure. «We are working on raising mountain goats so that they do not become extinct in Kurdistan,» Kochar said. «These animals are difficult to breed. They go out for a walk twice a day to live their natural wild life and play together in nature's atmosphere.» The Kurdish wild mountain goats are known as 'kell' and are considered to be a symbol of the Kurdistan Region. The animals represent a symbol of power and strength and can be traced back to Kurdish folklore, archaeological artefacts and art works.

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