Iraq: «It will open the door for bloodshed» — PM al-Abadi rejects Kurdish referendum

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi that the upcoming referendum on Kurdish independence «will open the door for bloodshed», speaking in Baghdad on Wednesday. «We haven't closed any doors in terms of negotiation and dialogue», al-Abadi said, adding that «We are brothers and partners in this country». The Prime Minster went on to state, «the referendum is not acceptable. Whether it happens now... Еще or in the future». He followed, «The entire world is aligned in their support to the unity of Iraq, and the sovereignty of Iraq». «They consider the unity and sovereignty of Iraq a primary factor in fighting terrorism and for the stability of the whole region, not just Iraq,» al-Abadi concluded. Iraqi Kurdistan is set to vote on 25 September in an independence referendum that is opposed by Baghdad as well as neighbouring Iran and Turkey.

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