Iraq: 'It's shame on you, United States!' — Kurdish rally demands US protection

Hundreds of Kurds hold a protest outside United Nation's Erbil office on Friday, demanding the organisation and the US to provide protection to them. Kurdish protesters are claiming that the Iraq and Iranian-backed Shia militias are using US provided equipment to attack Kurdish people, and staged a rally in front of the UN office asking for assistance and an explanation. One protester stated... Еще, «It's a shame. Why do you (US) give them the equipment and all [the] tanks against us?,» adding, «do you want to kill 15 million Kurdish people?» The US has condemned the attacks, while reiterating its stance of a unified Iraq and calling on military focus to remain on removing the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) threat from the region. However, they have also declined to intervene between forces despite confirming they were aware of the Kurdish reports.

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