Iraq: Iraqi Kurdish MPs consider next step as Barzani steps down as leader

Barzani's positive initiatives will be presumed to ensure no turmoil will occur in our political life due to his leaving.» The Kurdistan Parliament considers dividing presidential powers between legislative, executive and judicial authorities after the term of the incumbent President of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region, Massoud Barzani, expires on November 1, as announced on Sunday from Erbil... Еще. Earlier in the day, the 71-year-old Barzani announced that he would not seek extension of his presidential term, throwing the region’s leadership into doubt. «We will discuss distributing his presidential powers between Kurdish authorities: the prime minister, Parliament and other bodies. We intend to secure a parliamentary system, so democracy will continue to be safely guarded in Kurdistan based on its constitution,» said one Member of Parliament, Salar Mohammed. Barzani's resignation comes over a month after the Kurdish independence referendum, which Baghdad deemed unconstitutional.

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