Iraq: 'I've seen everything' — IDPs recount horror of IS rule and airstrikes

Internally displaced person (Arabic): «My life was really…..because of ISIS we couldn't do anything. ISIS imprisoned us, they didn't let us live a normal life.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Internally displaced person (Arabic): «We didn't study and now we don't know how to read and write. We don't know anything because of them.» Internally displaced person (Arabic): «During the liberation of... Еще Mosul, people were getting killed because of airstrikes. People got hurt a lot. They fell on civilians and they died.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Iraqi residents who escaped after years of living under the control of the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), recounted their stories from a camp in the Nineveh plain, where they are currently receiving treatment on a mental health programme. «I've seen everything: I've seen people killed, I've seen the bombs falling from the sky, I've seen the planes which were roaming above us», one resident from Chamakor Camp said. Another described scenes of being «surrounded by a huge numbers of dead bodies.» International Organisation for Migration (IOM), among others, is running a mental health programme for those currently living in several of the camps on the Nineveh plain, including the Chamakor Camp and Hasan Sham Camp. IOM Mental health psychosocial supporter for the Iraq mission Jason Christopher Picard described the symptoms of those arriving to the camp as «hypervigilant», «jumpy» and with a «certain sense of anxiety that is constant among them.» «These are symptoms that I am describing of those that have experienced air strikes, and it's not so different from those that had been in any sort of combat or natural disaster», Picard said.
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