Iraq: Fire breaks out at sulphur plant near Mosul

A fire broke out at the Mishraq sulphur plant near Hamam al-Alil, south of Mosul, on Wednesday afternoon. Blue flames could be observed on the site, while authorities were working to extinguish the fire. Ismail Abdullah Jumaa, the director of the Disaster Management Division of the Iraqi Red Crescent, explained that people who suffered from the «toxic gases emitted from the fire» were evacuated... Еще until late at night. According to local reports, a firefighter was killed and several others were hospitalised due to the poisonous gas. Engineer and director of the Mosul municipality, Radwan Al Shahwani, stated that the site is «currently very dangerous and affects environmental pollution both in the city of Mosul or the nearby cities.» The cause of the fire remains unknown.

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