Iraq: «Everything in our life is destroyed» — Displaced Tal Afar civilians describe the terrors IS-rule

Some of the 6,5000 people who recently fled one of the last self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS) strongholds, Tal Afar, shared their experience on living under IS camps, in the UNHCR Hamam al-Alil transit site, Monday. A displaced Tal Afar civilian, Ahmad Abdulah, said that before the city fell under the control of IS, people used to live «in a very good and secure situation... Еще. There was no fear. There were jobs, schools, electricity water, all the needs of life were available.» After IS took over Abdulah said that «there were no electricity, no water, even food was not enough available. There were also no medicines. All the needs of life were not available.» Life in the UNHCR camp is not easy for Abdulah and all the others: «there is no air conditioner, there is no food, we pay for our own food.» The man added that since people are at the transit centre, «there is no job to do here. There is no way to get money, and we keep buying and buying things.» Fahmi Hassan, another citizen of Tal Afar, informed that «No one has seen the suffering we have seen. Only God saw it. 53 people died only on the way from Mazraa to the Badush checkpoint. People are in a chaos. Everything in our life is destroyed.» Although Iraqi forces managed to push into the outskirts Tal Afar in the attempt of seizing the north-western Iraqi city over the course of the last week, the UN reported that more than 30,000 people have fled Tal Afar by Saturday. According to further reports some 100,000 residents were believed to still live in the city when the military operation began.
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