Iraq: Erbil residents draw parallels between Kurdistan and Catalan referendums

Iraqi Kurds residing in Erbil shared their opinions on the October 1 Catalan independence referendum in Spain, in light of their own referendum on Kurdistan’s secession from Iraq, Tuesday. A student, Rebaz Shrakhani drew comparisons between the two referendums and said that he was happy that the Catalan region, as well as Kurdish people, “claimed their rights, and hopefully everything will be... Еще just like they want it». According to another resident, Farman Hamad, «independence of Catalonia will show all the world that freedom exists and nations can claim their independence anytime anywhere». Whilst another Erbil resident, named Mustafa, suggested that if Catalonia became independent, other countries might also support Kurdistan’s independence and support the referendum. All respondents agreed that the conflict between the government and those striving for a separate state should be resolved peacefully. «I think the Spanish government should be the first to sit at the table to create dialogue with the Catalan government because nothing can be solved through war and conflict,» said Shrakhani. At least 893 people and 33 police officers were reportedly injured during Sunday’s independence referendum.

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