Iraq: Dozens protest against bombing of Kurdistan village targeting PKK

Dozens of People took to the streets of Sulaymaniyah city, in Kurdistan region in northern Iraq, on Friday to protest the airstrikes, which have killed various civilians. Protesters could be seen waving Kurdistan flags and banners depicting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of being a dictator. Police officers in riot gear also appeared to be guarding the protest. «They did it intentionally, they hit civilians who live in urban areas,» alleged one protester at the scene. The protesters called for the Iraqi government, as well as the UN and other international organisations, to intervene and stop Turkish attacks on the Kurdish region targeting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) reportedly killing various civilians. Ankara has denied accusations that they targeted civilians, and has referred to the allegations as «propaganda,» according to local reports. Since June 17, Turkey has increased its operation against Kurdish fighters associated with PKK, who are allegedly hiding out in northern Iraq. Turkey's Ministry of Defence say the Kurdish fighters are behind recent attacks on Turkish army bases. Turkey, the EU and the US consider the PKK to be a terrorist organisation.

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