Iraq: Barzani delivers victory speech following «yes» victory in Kurdistan referendum

President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani hailed the victory for the 'yes' vote in the Kurdish independence referendum, from Erbil on Tuesday. «Sisters and brothers, what day is greater and more precious than the day when you see the success of the willing of your nation for deciding its own destiny?» asked the leader. Barstani dedicated the referendum to «Our great leaders and... Еще thousands of brave generations were excited to see this day, but they were martyred just for the sake of it,» promising to «send their souls our regards and promise our loyalty to them.» Following the plebiscite, Barstani has called for dialogue with Baghdad to discuss independence, an action these oppose. The independence referendum took place on 25 September, with initial results indicating an overwhelming «yes» vote for independence. It drew strong criticism and opposition from Iran and Turkey, as well as Iraq

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