Iraq: Baghdad struggles with heatwave as temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius

Power outages in Iraq, which have already become a daily occurrence for most households, and this year's coronavirus pandemic have made the unusual heat even harder to cope with for millions of Iraqi people. As the summer temperature has reached above 50°C, Baghdad residents are forced to change their work schedules, take refuge in the shade and swim in the rivers. On Sunday, young Iraqis were seen swimming in the Tigris river, while air conditioners were operating at full capacity in the city. Ali Mohammed, a resident in Baghdad, complained about the difficult situation, saying «the temperature affects the psychological condition, as the ordinary citizens don't stand these high temperatures.» He added, «if the government makes electricity available, then we will feel relieved and work in good conditions.» Another resident, Husien, said that «this is an enduring problem for all Iraqi people: you go home to get rest and there is no electricity, you go to work and there is no electricity. The suffering is very great due to power outages and heat reaching above 50°C.» Most residents reportedly get up to 12 hours of state-provided electricity per day, however, many report numerous power cuts on a daily basis.

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