Iraq: Baghdad protesters vow to remain until rights granted

Anti-government protests entered its 10th consecutive day in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Sunday, as thousands of protesters flood the streets waving Iraqi flags. Footage shows protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks and special costumes dancing to music played by loudspeakers. «I am wearing this pubg uniform so that we can bring joy to the hearts of the protesters, so that no one returns home, we... Еще want to remain in here until we have all our rights. We have given many martyrs, we have taken a great deal of risk, and we have remained the same since 2003 until now» one of the protesters said. Protests began in early October, with people taking to the streets over a number of grievances, including corruption, unemployment and lack of basic services in the country. However, demonstrations were suspended after the security forces started using live ammunition, reportedly killing 150 people.

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