Iraq: Baghdad pensioners protest unequal pay and poor living conditions

Hundreds of retirees gathered near the Cabinet building in Baghdad on Tuesday to protest low retirement income and poor living conditions. Protesters highlighted unequal pensions compared to the retirement income paid in the Kurdistan Region and demanded an equal treatment. «We want equality and justice from the parliament and the cabinet. Just like the people in the Kurdistan region who get a... Еще retirement income of one million Iraqi dinars ($800), we would like to be treated the same way,'' said a retiree protester. According to a demonstrator, this was not the first time the retirees had voiced their demands. «The government does not respond. They ignore our requests,» he said. The protests were reportedly sparked after proposals to amend the unified pension law were submitted to the government. Due to the complexity of the amendment proposal the cabinet has reportedly postponed the relevant discussions until September 3.

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