Iraq: Baghdad councillor claims Mosul has been «neglected after liberation»

A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, Saad Almtalbi, claimed that Mosul has been neglected by the international community after its liberation since Iraq does not have the means to support the city itself, during an interview given in Baghdad on Tuesday. Almtalbi spoke mainly about Mosul’s devastation after its liberation, and said that, since then, the city “has been neglected.” “We can... Еще look at the city Mosul from this angle; we can say that there is a deficiency in channelling resources to Mosul, we don’t know if it’s a governmental or political deficiency. We don’t know if this conflict is because of the elections or if there are some parties that are interested in keeping refugees away from Mosul,” he explained. Almtalbi also pointed the finger at the United States for its role in allowing IS [the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIL/ISIS)] to gain a foothold in the country. “The US knew about the presence of IS and it saw IS enter Iraq. The government officially asked the US to carry out airstrikes to get rid of these organisations. The US refrained from striking and came up with political excuses which led to collapse of Iraqi system and entrance of ISIS to Iraq. The US is primarily responsible for what happened,” stated Almtalbi. On July 2017, Iraqi forces declared the successful and full recapture of Mosul from IS, following an offensive fronted by the government forces and backed by US-led coalition forces, which began in October 2016. Mosul still lies in ruins seven months on.

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