Iraq: Baghdad artist offers protest-themed tattoos amid ongoing unrest

Maram Odai, a young female tattoo artist, is offering protest-themed tattoos to people who want to show their support for the anti-government demonstrations over poor living conditions and corruption that have been gripping Iraq since October 1. Footage filmed on Monday shows a number of protesters gathered in a tent in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, as Odai inks an inscription reading '25... Еще October revolution' on one of the protester's bodies. «This is the most simple contribution to the revolution I could make,» the tattoo artist said. «I made tattoos that commemorate the revolution and tattoos that remind about struggles they have faced and that have made them stronger but the most important aspect is changing the society's perception and view of women.» The unrest began in Iraq in October, amid anger over corruption and economic inequality. Over 400 protesters have been reported killed and thousands more injured with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi being forced to resign from his post on December 1 due to the demonstrations.

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