Iraq: Anti-govt. protesters rally into night in Baghdad's Tahrir Square

Iraqis continued to flood Tahrir square in central Baghdad on Friday as part of the ongoing protests against the government. Footage shows protesters walking around the square, waving Iraqi flags and a man holding a sign reading «In the old days, the Iraqi government used to chase thieves now the Iraqi people are chasing a government of thieves.» «We inhale freedom in Tahrir square, you feel in... Еще your soul as a human being, that you have done your duty. This duty was supposed to be done 16 years ago, we were late, however, arriving late is better than not,» one of the protesters said. The unrest began in Iraq in October, amid anger over corruption and economic inequality. Over 400 protesters have been killed and thousands more injured forcing Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to resign from the post on December 1.

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