Iraq: All required actions taken in order to 'retake' areas disputed with Kurds — Baghdad parliament

The Head of the Iraqi Security and Defence Committee announced that the army command has «taken all required actions» in order to «retake» areas in the north of the country which were siezed by Kurdish forces in 2014, Monday. The Iraqi army fled the territory after the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) launched an offensive, allowing Kurdish forces to move in and claim the... Еще area. The zone of contention includes the city of Kirkuk. «The Commander-in-Chief has taken all required actions in order to retake all the areas which were formerly under Iraqi control before the 10th June 2014, which includes Kirkuk, in order to preserve Iraqi unity. A relationship on a national level with Kurdish citizens must be maintained since they are an essential component of the Iraqi population,» said Hakim al-Zamili to the parliamentary chamber in Baghdad. Al-Zamili also declared the Kurdish independence referendum 'illegal', according to the Iraqi constitution. «The referendum process is constitutionally illegal according to article one which says that the constitution is made to safeguard the integrity of the Iraqi state,» he said.

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