Iraq: ‘23 rifles + 5 rifles = ?’ — An insight into IS’ curriculum of indoctrination *PARTNER CONTENT*

“This document was found in one of the IS camps, where the children were trained, the Caliphate Cubs as the militants called them. This document contains the names of the pupils and their grades. The group understood that it should replenish its ranks for the future, using children to create the next generation of IS fighters.” “This boy is from Mosul. We met him while filming military... Еще operations to liberate the town for RT. This child is still suffering from what he went through. He only remembers how IS members killed and terrorised people.” “However, this document stands out from all the publications. It explains why IS does not fight Israel.” “This document shows that IS closed some schools and scientific specialities under the pretext that they contradict Sharia Law. Here is another document that states that the group had completely rejected some concepts, including democracy, science, art, the theatre and much more. These are the instructions that were specially released for the teachers of Mosul. And one of the documents contains exam results. It contains information about students who either didn’t pass or sit the exam.” The extent to which Islamic State infiltrated each and every aspect of people’s lives in the territories under its control continues to be unmasked. Documents and textbooks discovered in Mosul and filmed on 21 November show how the group targeted and indoctrinated the very youngest members of society. “The education policy, which IS implemented by distributing children’s educational programmes through schools, was based on the radical ideology of terror. The aim of the policy was to create a new generation of terrorists to strengthen the terrorist organization’s position,” Brigadier General in Iraq’s military intelligence Dzhabad abd Mnaty said. Textbooks published by the group reportedly contain images and puzzles involving weapons, while Jihad is allegedly used to brainwash new recruits. Maths textbooks reportedly include such puzzles as “a box contains 23 rifles, then someone puts another 5 rifles in the box. How many rifles are in the box?” and “One fighter has 85 rounds, while another has 60 rounds. How many more rounds does the first fighter have?” Other documents reportedly show how IS rejected democracy, science, art and the theatre, as well as monitor the exam results of students.

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